Barrowmaze – A D&D 3.5e Open Table Game

This will be an open table game with all players welcome of any age or experience level. (Most sessions my 12 year old daughter will be playing.) Each week may have different players at the table. Each session is short and has the players delving into the dungeon, exploring, and returning to town at the end of the session. While there is certainly room for story and character development expect a more old-school dungeon crawl style of play. Here’s a teaser clip for the dungeon.

I’ll decide at 5:30 on Friday if we will run or not. If we have at least 3 players committed to being present we’ll run the session. Each session can handle a maximum of 6 players. 

Pre-made characters are available so you can just drop in, but if you wish to create your own characters you are welcome to do so. There are specific character creation guidelines. They can be found here.

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