Persistent World D&D 5e

D&D 5e: Persistent World Intro Night

Attention All Dungeon Masters and D&D Players –
The Order of the Bear is introducing the Persistent World – A Dungeons & Dragons 5e adventurer where you can play in games on different days, at different times, and even with different dungeon master’s but bring your character with you along the way.
This is an excellent way for those interested in playing Dungeons and Dragons without committing to a long-running campaign to get in and play! There is no commitment, you merely register for the events that you are available for and you show and play!
This is also an excellent way for dungeon masters to sharpen their skills and play with different groups of people without committing to a long-running campaign. Do you have time to run once a week? Great! Is once a month more realistic for your schedule? Also great! We will have multiple DMs running games and hope to ramp things up to multiple Persistent World events per week in the near future.
We will be holding an introduction to the Persistent World on Tuesday, May 17 at 7:30 pm where we will introduce the system and build our characters to play in upcoming events.

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