Twilight Imperium 4th Edition

One of the highest-rated strategy games of all time!  Twilight Imperium is a legend amongst board gamers.  This is a big game and takes time … lots of time.  We will be playing the 4th edition of Twilight Imperium most likely with the Prophecy of Kings expansion.  There will be a couple of players who have played before, but most of us will not have any experience with this game.  If you would like to play, you MUST sign-up as seats are limited.  Each game allows for 3 – 8 players and we have two copies.  Our goal is to have two 5-player games.  **This is an all-day game, do not sign up if you are not prepared to play for 8+ hours**  Once we have enough players confirmed, we will make dinner arrangements and have food delivered.
NOTE – This game has a lot going on.  Please, if you have never played before, watch these videos before game day so that you have an understanding of the game.  This will allow us to teach the game quicker and get into it.
Twilight Imperium page on Boardgamegeek
Instructional video #1
Instructional video #2

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